Research & Development

Glass is a material with a long history; a history that can be traced back to 3500 BCE. In Yalodomi we are content to have been part of this history since 1949. Yet, we are more than thrilled to contribute to the future of glass, for the years to come.

In 2009, we launched our own in-house laboratory to test, build and deliver new products. Because times are changing and so must glass processing. For this reason we never compromise. Good can be better and better can get excellent. With that in mind, we invest back part of our profits in the latest technology and seek to gain new certifications.

We are committed to remaining alert to new developments in glass technology. In this context, Yalodomi has partnered with major companies in the industry to share technology expertise and develop new products. Lately, the company has also established partnerships with a number of Greek Universities to foster innovation and explore the future of glass through developing technologies.





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