Striving for excellence is really hard. Sometimes it seems impossible. But at the end of the day, turning the impossible into possible is what may make this world a better place to live. So, we always try to be better than others but most importantly we try to be better than ourselves and even though excellence is hard to achieve we have this theory that it is made out of little things. Respecting our customer’s needs, staying simple in the way we interact with them, loving our work, maintaining a restless mind for innovation and keeping our creative spark are only some of those things.

The world of glass is endless with possibilities and we aspire to discover every inch of it. In this context, we are committed to constantly inventing and designing products that create a new future for both you and us. That is a bright, safe, artful and eco-friendly future. Besides, though we do not know what will happen tomorrow, we may well create the conditions for a surprising next day.