Our People

Yalodomi employs 80 people. Yet, 80 people are a family. A big family with shared goals and divided responsibilities in which everyone contributes their own unique background, perspective and expertise, no matter if they are managers, industrial designers or artisans. More precisely, 30% of Yalodomi’s people are university graduates that work together with highly skilled and experienced technicians.

We constantly empower all “team-members” to maximize their individual potential through reward and recognition as well as training. Hence, we run frequent tailored-made workshops and seminars to increase people’s technical knowledge and skills and help them achieve officially recognized glass industry qualifications.

Therefore, there are no secrets to delivering precision. There are just people; people from different backgrounds who love their jobs and find reasons to do so every day. Besides, their work provides clear evidence of their devotion.


The following video is from our former factory in Lavrio.