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If you are looking for something more special than colored glass, then the CHROMA-LAM PHOTO® series is what you might have been waiting for. With the CHROMA-LAM PHOTO® series you are not limited to a narrow range of colors, but you can use a full color palette which allows uninterrupted tones or tonal shifts in any image you desire. In short, it enables you to have any photo, design, pattern or logo printed on interlayer.
The procedure for reproduction of pictures in glass is similar to any other high resolution printing process. The CHROMA-LAM PHOTO® series allows you to create a broad range of transparency levels within a single laminated pane.
Putting materials like rice paper, fabric and metal grids between glasses to achieve a geometric or textured look, may prove expensive. For that reason, CHROMA-LAM PHOTO® gives you the ability to digitize and print such textures onto the PVB interlayer to achieve the same effect, avoiding the high costs and the extra effort.
CHROMA-LAM PHOTO®, displayed inside of a backlit LED or fluorescent light box, delivers highly saturated colors to help your graphics stand out in any environment, indoors and outdoors.
CHROMA-LAM PHOTO® is a premium, high quality media, intended for maximum image performance. It has an ultra-absorbent coating that is designed to produce the best black density and color vibrancy. The ink absorption capabilities for this transparent media offer rich and vivid colors that come alive when lit up.
CHROMA-LAM PHOTO® can be customized to fit your project’s needs, whether great or little.
§  Resistant to wearing out because of crystal protection
§  Easy to clean, as normal crystal
§  Almost completely resistant to UV radiation (<1%)
§  Accepts a high dot resolution for crisp edges
§  Exceptional color saturation for opaque solid colors
§  Superior appearance of black and shadows
§  Balconies and facades
§  Office partitions
§  Surface lights
§  Showers
§  Signs
§  Interiors

Chroma Photo

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