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Colored Panes
Colored glass is widely used to enhance a building’s appearance and style.High-performance glass products offer a broad range of solutions by combining the technical and aesthetic qualities of laminated glass for architectural projects. Thanks to CHROMA-LAM®, one can choose patterns and colors that match one’s style, without missing the benefits of laminated glass. CHROMA-LAM® line contains a basic palette of 47 colors, which is divided into 3 main groups; these are transparent, translucent and opaque. Yet, all 47 colors can be combined to produce over than 1000 transparent, translucent and opaque shades.

Yalodomi can also create RAL or PANTONE colors with the use of appropriate PVBs.
This series offers unlimited options for creativity, enabling architects and interior designers to add their personal touch to buildings and interiors. The principal purpose of multilayered CHROMA-LAM® products is to set designers’ imagination in "free play", without compromising safety, security, acoustic insulation, and protection against harmful sun rays. 
Compared to other decorative glass products, the patterns and colors of laminated plate glass based on CHROMA-LAM® interlayer, are protected against damage caused by scratching, dirt and detergents. Moreover, they are easy to maintain. It can be combined with regular laminated glass, heat & chemically toughened glass and insulating glass.
CHROMA-LAM® remains indelible in the sun and the weather and retains its structural stability.
The CHROMA-LAM® color palette includes the following technical features:

§  Light transmittance (Tv)
§  Light Reflectance (Rv)
§  Solar transmittance (Ts)
§  Solar Factor (g)


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