Silk-Screen Printing
Glass, due to its properties, is increasingly used as a decorative material, since permanent color powder can be attached to it. Silk-screen printing offers endless options for colors and patterns, meeting the clients' expectations. Silk-screened glass is used not only as a decorative material, but also for practical reasons too. Partially transparent glass panes allow the controlled flow of light between spaces, eliminating the need for artificial lighting. So, aesthetics, functionality and color in connection with the transparency of glass have contributed to the development of G-DECO®. In the silk-screening process, the ceramic lead-free paint is applied to a finished glass pane, and is then firmly connected to the glass surface, by baking during the tempering process. This type of finishing can only be carried out on one side of the pane and the paint is scratch-resistant, weatherproof, solvent-resistant, UV stable. This process allows for selection of nearly any printing pattern ranging from geometric lines and random shapes. Depending on the application purpose, the colors and shade of the painting can be freely selected.
Advantages of G-DECO® series:
+ It is a perfect decorative material
+ Due to the process of tempering, in which it is subjected to high temperatures that partially melt the paints into the glass, it takes on all the properties of tempered glass
+ It has greater resistance to bending in comparison to ordinary glass
+ It is resistant to thermal shock
+ It reduces the risk of injury in case of pane breakage
+ It allows for the selection of light's inflow through the glass surface
+ It reduces the effect of dazzling by direct rays of light
+ The layers of silk-screen are characterized



Yalodomi produces G-DECO® glass with silk-screen printing, according to the standard palette of colors and patterns. When making an order, one should give the pattern number of silk-screen, as well as the color from the standard palette. Realization of individual orders requires consultation and the establishment of conditions with a representative of Yalodomi. With regard to the fact that drying and hardening of the silk-screen on the glass surface take place during tempering, the glass must be machined beforehand, e.g. cutting, drilling of holes, grinding and polishing. In case of interest regarding a wider palette of colors, please contact the representatives of Yalodomi.


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