Sound Reduction

Noise not only seriously affects our quality of life, work and living conditions, but also causes damage to our health. Apart from irreparable hearing damage caused by permanent noise, various other problems may occur, such as stress, nervousness and cardiovascular disorders. In order to ensure a comfortable way of life, the assurance of a low level of noise is essential.

The unit of noise measurement is the decibel (dB). Our subjective perception of noise is subject to the following principle: If the level of noise in a room is reduced by 10 decibels in relation to the outside noise, we get the impression that it is reduced by half.

A disturbing noise spectrum consists of many frequencies of different intensity. Some frequency ranges are perceived to be louder and therefore more disturbing than others. Every source of noise has a specific frequency distribution, even if the intensity of the noise level in dB is the same. So it is important for sound insulation to particularly dampen the disturbing frequency ranges. The measures for noise protection must therefore always be determined according to the source of noise. The same noise levels might require different kinds of window constructions and sound insulating glass.


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