ThermoS Ima


Solar Control Insulating Glass

Regulation of Solar Heat Penetration

Solar control technology is really valuable, especially for hot and sunny places. The advantage of this “invention” is that in contrast to shading systems, solar control glass allows natural light to enter freely into the building, keeping the solar radiation outside.

It can be used widely for façade glazing, but also for windows glazing, curtain walling, bolted glass assemblies and glass greenhouse roofs. Moreover, it can be combined with almost all types of glass, such as UV-LAM®, ECHO-LAM®, CHROMA-LAM®, ASPIS-LAM®, G-GUARD® and HSG-GUARD®.

Here is a list of benefits that solar control technology can provide you with:

§  Superior comfort: it regulates the amount of solar heat that moves through windows, resulting in cool and comfortable interiors.
§  Energy saving: it decreases the need for expensive air-conditioning and artificial lighting.
§  Enhanced feeling of privacy: solar control glass hinders inward visibility.
§  Design: it comes in various colors adding visual appeal to buildings.
Not every type of solar control glass is suitable for every purpose. Color neutrality or high reflection may have various functional aspects, so the extensive range of solar control glass offers a wide spectrum of design options.
Yalodomi’s THERMOBELT Ultra S® is a specific range of high-end coated solar control glass mainly for residence applications. They offer a balanced ratio of selectivity, meaning a low g-value and a light transmission as high as possible.
§  It is a passive energy saving component.
§  High quality solar control glass can protect the residences from reaching high temperature due to sun rays.
§  You can control the light in the room, by using different colors on the glass.
§  Solar control glass is the most effective alternative among all the energy saving alternatives, with no maintenance costs.
§  You can easily replace the glass in existing constructions.


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