Glass Protective Film

Glass panes are protected during transportation and construction work using specially designed film

Working with glass demands caution, because handling and exposure can cause haze or scratch of the glass. Moreover, transportation may result into a damaged glass surface. Focus-on® Apparatus is the answer to the problem. It is a glass protective film that is applied either on one or both sides of a glass pane and minimizes the chance of damage on glass surface. It is certified for all types of soft-coated and special-coated glasses.
Depending on the context of its use, to provide protection either during transportation or during construction and renovation, it can be left on the glass for a few minutes to over 3 months. Focus-on® Apparatus is easy to apply and easy to remove without leaving any adhesive residue. As a result, Focus-on® Apparatus represents the optimal solution for glass protection.


§  Indoor - Outdoor during renovation
§  At new constructions
§  Overseas transportations


§  Minimize damages on glass surface
§  Easy to clean windows at the end of work
§  Save money from ordinary glass cleaning


§  The film is applied either on single or double side of the pane with a peripheral trim out of about 1cm
§  It is certified for all soft-coated and special-coated glasses (i.e. Vision Lite)
§  It can be removed even after 3 months without leaving any residue


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