Safety Marine Glass / Marine G-Guard®

Marine G-Guard® is a high quality, durability and visibility glass, created especially in order to meet the needs and safety requirements of the maritime market

In respect to the marine industry, Yalodomi developed Focus-on® Marine. Marine G-Guard® is constructed and certified according to the international standard ISO 614, on the use of safety glass for marine applications. Our commitment to quality and persistent attention to detail has led us to construct a particularly durable glass of 8 to 20 mm thickness that is designed to meet the toughest conditions in the sea.

Depending on one’s needs, whether one wants to enhance security, safety, comfort or aesthetics, one can choose to combine Marine G-Guard® with all types of our products. We are able to provide marine glass in the form and requirements of our clients. Yet, the maximum available dimensions of Marine G-Guard® are: 2,44 x 5,00 meters.

Technical Specifications

§  High resistance toughened glass (ISO 614)
§  Maximum dimensions 2.44 x 5.00 m
§  Thickness: 8 - 10 - 12 - 15 - 20 mm
§  It can be combined with any other type of glass produced by our company


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