Scratch Resistant Glass

Scratch resistant glass for a lasting effect

We have noticed that all types of glass look amazing at the beginning. Nevertheless, as time goes by, glass stops looking shiny or transparent. This observation created the need to develop the Focus-on® No Scratch product.
Focus-on® No Scratch preserves its "like-new" appearance for a far longer period of time compared to regular glass. Furthermore, it is resistant to scratching from contact with everyday items, such as keys, shoes and cutlery.
Focus-on® No Scratch coating is designed with a patented process, which leads to a durable and surprisingly easy-to-clean glass. Additionally, it has natural antibacterial properties to avoid infection by pathogenic microorganisms. It applies to both interior and exterior use and is available in various thicknesses. Another advantage of Focus-on® No Scratch is that it can be tempered and laminated.


§  Floors
§  Stairs
§  Pavements
§  Furniture
§  Doors
§  Shelving systems
§  Ramps
§  Skylights
§  Table tops


§  No scratches from everyday objects, such as keys, cutlery, etc.
§  Durability
§  Naturally antibacterial
§  Can be tempered and laminated


§  Satin with high luminosity, silky to touch and resistance
§  Surprisingly easy-to-clean
§  Its coating is produced according to a patented technology process and can be further processed and finished in various different ways, such as cutting, drilling and bevelling
§  It is available in maximum glass thickness of 10mm


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