Alarm Glass


Glass with an embedded invisible alarm function
Now, you can forget all about bars and inelegant alarm devices in balconies, doors and terraces. Focus-on® Security is an alarm glass, which is developed and designed for security purposes with an embedded invisible alarm system. An electrical circuit breaker is merged into one side of a glass sheet that is connected to an alarm system. In case the glass is broken and the glass sheet is smashed, the circuit is triggered and activates the alarm. For maximum security, Focus-on® Security can also be combined with certain types of anti-vandalism glass to protect you as much as possible against unwanted visitors.
Focus-on® Security gives you the ability to integrate with solar control technology and low-emissivity insulating glass, combining security with comfort and energy-saving.


§  Suitable for all types of glazing systems
§  Especially for frameless systems
§  Indoor
§  Outdoor


§Non-visible safety and alarm devices in windows, balcony doors, terraces 

§When combined with certain level anti-vandalism glass, the alarm gets activated on the first hit, so there is enough time before entering                                                                                              

§  An electrical circuit breaker is fused into one side of a glass sheet and is connected to an alarm system. The breakage of the glass results in the interruption of the circuit and causes the release of the alarm
§  It is possible to integrate it in Solar and Low-E coatings
§  Parallel connection of several elements is possible


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