Nanotech Self-Cleaning Glass


Now, FOCUS-ON® series has introduced a glass with a titanium dioxide coating being applied to its surface. The result is a coated glass that helps clean itself and the air around it.
Focus-on® Self-Clean is a ground-breaking glass product that cleans itself and the air we breathe. The product’s secret lies on the titanium dioxide coating applied on the glass surface. The coating does not let raindrops and other moisture stay on the glass pane, resulting in a building’s cleaner image.
Yet, at the end of the day, dirt is not just a matter of aesthetics; most importantly it is a matter of health. NOx (nitrogen oxide) is the primary component of smog and is blamed to affect people’s health and breathing. Focus-on® Self-Clean’s technology manages to break down NOx to a risk-free nitrate. More precisely, electrons within the coating are roused by sun rays and create a higher state of energy. That energy moves to oxygen and water molecules in the air, to form free radicals, that attack organic materials, such as NOx, which are on or nearby the glass coating. With the smallest amount of water, these particles will be immediately washed away. To grasp its power, just imagine that 900 m2 of Focus-on® Self-Clean has about the same air cleansing power of 80 trees.
Self-CleanGlass products of the series Focus-on® Self-Clean  are only for outdoor use. Its maximum performance is achieved when they are placed vertically in order to maximize exposure to sunlight and rainwater.
The series Focus-on® Self-Clean is the perfect solution wherever glass cleaning is problematic and extravagant.



  • Exterior glass structures
  • Shopfronts
  • Housed central spaces in modern public
  • Commercial buildings
  • Glass canopies
  • Curtain walls

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