Venetian Blind System

Flexible sunlight screening integrated into the space between the panes

To regulate the amount of light entering the room, all you need is Focus-on® Shade with incorporated aluminum fins, which represents the optimal solution against irritating sunlight and heat. However, when completely opened, the fins reflect incoming sunlight toward the ceiling, reducing the need for artificial lighting.

During manufacturing, the fins are directly integrated into the insulation glass. Nevertheless, due to its special construction, the Focus-on® Shade makes use of a slightly bigger glazing depth in the window frame. Focus-on® Shade combines characteristics regarding sound and heat insulation. Depending on one’s needs, one can choose whether to control the fins manually or mechanically, with the use of remote control technology. Moreover, integrated blinds can be made of a number of different materials and colors, such as fabric pleats instead of aluminum fins, which are available upon request. Focus-on® Shade has a long lifespan but, in case of product failure, it is easy to be removed and replaced, since the control mechanism is external.


§  Offices and businesses
§  Housing
§  Hospitals
§  Schools
§  Public Buildings
§  Conservation


§  Privacy
§  Lower heating and cooling costs
§  Weather-resistance and cleaning-free
§  Freedom from maintenance and long lifespan
§  Reduced Ug values
§  Easy and convenient operation


§  Manual and electrical control for convenient operation
§  Remote controlling
§  Full range of Venetian blind colors; possibility of printing a theme
§  No holes on the glass

Technical Specs 

§  Blinds features, sound and heat insulation
§  The total outer minimum glass thickness of the blind and the glass is 30.75mm
§  In case of any failure, since the control mechanism is out of the glass, it is easy to be removed and replaced
§  Manual chain can be fixed instead of control mechanism on demand
§  Argon gas is injected into the blinds system to enhance sound and heat insulation

The Focus-on® Shade sunblind system:

- can be combined with all Thermobelt® series of insulated glasses.
- offers you the complete control of the incidence of sunlight and thereby, the optimum, targeted distribution of the light is achieved. When the sunblind shuts, it provides effective screening from the sun.
In the opened state, the fins reflect the incoming light at the ceiling and thus distribute it indirectly throughout the whole room. The use of artificial light sources becomes largely unnecessary.
- is available in different versions for various areas of application and requirements. Instead of a sunblind made of aluminum fins, fabric pleats can be built into the space between the panes.


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