Anti-Slip Step Glass

Anti-slip glass for floors and staircases

Glass floors can be slippery and therefore dangerous, but that danger can be avoided. Focus-on® Step combines the distinctive aesthetic properties of glass with special performance qualities, in order to comply with international standards. It is fully tested in both dry and wet conditions, for both interior and exterior applications and it is completely resistant to scratches, blurring and stains. Another benefit of our anti-slip glass is that it can be easily cleaned. During processing, it can be cut, bevelled, drilled, tempered and laminated according to customer’s needs.
Focus-on® Step obtains the following certifications; these are DIN 51130 for standard footwear, DIN 51097 for barefoot slip resistance, UL 410 for slip resistance of floor surface materials and UNE EN V 12633.
When all is said and done, Focus-on® Step is a product of high aesthetics that provides maximum safety.


§  Glass Floors
§  Glass Stairs
§  Glass Pavements
§  Glass for Furniture
§  Glass for Partition walls
§  Glass for Ramps
§  Glass for Swimming pools
§  Walk-On roof glazing


§  Glass can be cut, bevelled, drilled, tempered and laminated
§  All non-slip grip categories according to customer demand
§  DIN 51130 (ramp), DIN 51097 (barefoot), UL 410, UNE EN V 12633
§  Easy to clean


§  For dry and wet conditions inside and outside
§  Highly resistant to scratches and stains


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