Semi-Toughened Glass

HSG-GUARD® is a heat strengthened type of glass developed specifically for the construction industry. It is used in applications where high mechanical and thermal loads must be endured.

This semi-toughened glass differs from the G-GUARD® which is a fully toughened glass, in the kind of breaking netting, which occurs during the glass panel’s damage. Due to its characteristics, in case of breakage, the glass pane, which is assembled into the frame, stays put after the damage, preventing any injuries. It is not classified as a safety glass. 



§  Façade glazing for windows and balustrades (as laminated pane)
§  Solar protection skirting
§  Solar collectors
§  Overhead glazing (as laminated pane)
§  Walk-on and tread-on glass surfaces (as laminated pane)


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