UV LamIma


Protection from UV Rays

Not many people know that the type of glazing used in windows has a direct impact on the amount of natural light, heat transfer, fading of colors etc. UV-LAM® laminated glass series achieves protection against ultraviolet radiation from the sun, providing the following benefits:

§  Reduction of discoloration and damage from ultraviolet rays

§  Control of visible radiation

UV- LAM® laminated glass is essentially impervious to UV radiation, the range of which is between 280 to 380 nm. In this way, people are protected from skin irritation and other health damages, and the products that are placed in shop windows or museum and gallery showcases are protected from discoloration. Is there any professional who doesn’t want the best possible viewing of his product without having to hide his shop window when the sun is in the opposite? And which of all the housewives doesn't want to protect her walls, furniture and curtains from discoloration?

It is impressive that the monolithic glass of 10mm allows the penetration of the 41% of UV rays, while the same UV-LAM® laminated glass allows only the 0.01%. The pvb film of UV-LAM® series can be used almost in any kind of common or solar control glass in order to provide a wide range of benefits.


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