Unluckily, security is increasingly an important part of our lives. Luckily enough, glass may also offer excellent security against break-in attempts or vandalism.

Glass is at the same time a sophisticated and practical material, which is used in order to create bright, other than extremely safe spaces. If you need to protect yourself against vandalism, burglary, ballistic attacks or even explosions, then, the ASPIS-LAM® series is the most appropriate choice, which guarantees unfailing safety and security, regardless of its applications.

The most important parameter for the correct choice is that you should never be in doubt about the quality and effectiveness of your chosen safety and security solution. This can be assured with the correct standards. Yalodomi can provide you with all the necessary information for the right choice and assure you about the quality.


The ASPIS-LAM® series is a family of laminated glasses using various types of foils and glass panes. All products meet the requirements of CE marking, but some family products are followed by additional standards that are needed in order to:

• Have a guide for the security levels required for the materials used.
• Have a guarantee that the materials used comply with these standards.
• Be able to compare products with equal security level.

For example, the first prerequisite for the bullet-resistant glazing has to comply with Factory Production Control (FPC) LEVEL 1.


Read and download the Aspis-Lam® brochure