The Ultra Thin Bulletproof Glass

• Revolution in glass
• Lightweight, very thin units, high bullet resistance up to BR7
• Multi-layer glazing system with ionoplastic and highest service life for your project
• Meets highest expectations in terms of bullet resistance


- expands your expectations. The ASPIS-LAM® Pro line offers maximum safety against heavy impact loads, strong wind loads and strong blasts. Becoming an engineered element within the glass, it is able to withstand more weight, thus making glass an active structural element.

- is 5 times stronger and 100 times harder than a PVB layered glass of equivalent thickness of the ASPIS-LAM® series. It is not susceptible to moisture and does not lose transparency, even after years of use.



 offices and public spaces
 retail fashion displays and commercial storefronts
 retail jewelry display cases
 windows with view over the sea and scenic locations
 skylights and other overhead glazing
 more transparent high-security glazing
 glazing for nature centers and conservatories
 color-free windows for art and photographic studios





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