Thermally optimized spacers, made of stainless steel and plastic composites, ensure markedly better insulation at the glass edge and hence, an improved room climate. They reduce the heat losses in the glass edge area, preventing the accumulation of condensate.





Near windows, the feeling of comfort in the room increases thanks to THERMOBELT Ultra®. That’s because a higher surface temperature is achieved in the inner window pane when compared to conventional type of glazing. As a result, the perception of cold air near windows is considerably reduced. 


The heating energy required in existing buildings is three to four times higher than in new buildings, since the overall insulation was not efficient. Various funding programs like “Energy Saving in house”, keep low cost in addition to the saved energy costs.

Using low g-value ensures outstanding solar heat gains, even in sunny winter weather. Overall, the solar gain is higher on the southern, eastern, western faces than the loss of heat via the glazing.


THERMOBELT Ultra® stands for:

§  Excellent thermal insulation values (Ug-values)
§  Energy saving and heating cost reduction
§  High energy efficiency buildings
§  Excellent light transmission
§  Excellent color neutrality Ra
§  CO2 reduction
§  Optional design with thermally optimized edge connection and hence, even lower Uw-value of the window

Thermally optimized (Warm-Edge) connection systems

The use of thermo-spacers leads to an additional energy saving rate









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